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Here are some reasons Why you Should Book through us:

  • We do cover all Airport runs, City cabs, Local hire/rental cabs as well as country pickups.
  • You can book a cab either online, through our site, or by calling us or by text us.
  • Scheduled yourself week ahead you can book with us as soon as you know your ravel plans.
  • Multiples cabs are available according to you need if trying to arrange a function please contact our friendly staff.
  • You can book a luxury cab 24/7 in Victoria with us.

Note: All booking must be placed a minimum of 30 minute prior to the pickup time.


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Note:All Airport pickup will be from front of Park Royal Hotel.
if any confusion, Please Ring 0470261909

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*May apply $11 Surcharge for short distance
*Quick Cab might take 10-15 minute to appear.